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Camp Cove


Camp Cove, managed by the Sts’ailes Development Corporation, is situated on beautiful Harrison Lake, approximately 7 km up Sts’ailes Forestry Road, Agassiz BC. Come relax and enjoy an exclusive camping experience!

To book: all reservations, payment and key pick-up/drop-off is made through the Chehalis Band Store, located at 1001 Morris Valley Road, Agassiz V0M 1A1 from Monday to Friday between 7:00 am – 9:00 pm.

Phone: 604-796-9252
Manager: Vanessa.Jules@stsaile.com

 Time  Booking Rates
 Weekend (Monday - Friday)  $700
 Long Weekend (4 days)  $850
 5 Days  $1300
 7 Days  $1750
 2 Day 1 night mid week  $350
Please help us in keeping the sites clean by picking up after your group. Thank you!
Camp Cove
Camp Cove 2
Camp Cove 3
Camp Cove 4
Camp Cove 5