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Chehalis River

Open year round. Bordering the Chehalis River, known for excellent fishing.

This site features matures trees and is close to the Chehalis Grocery Store & Gas Bar. Two Camping areas and smaller day use sites are across the road and border the river. Access by paved road.

Chehalis River
Rec Site #:
$13.00 Camping
Fees Applies:
January - December 2011
56-Resident Camp Host-Up to 8 sites/35 Motor homel. 6 day use sites(Northside)
Activities: Camping, Canoeing, Fishing, biking, hiking, Angler Access Trail, Parking.
Facilities: Tables, Toilets, fire pits
Driving Directions: From Vancouver, take Highway 7 to Harrison Mills, turn left on Morris Valley Road, and drive 5 km's.