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Who We Are

The Sts’ailes Development Corporation (SDC) was approved by Sts'ailes (formerly Chehalis Indian Band) Chief and Council in April 2008. Our mission is to serve the sovereign interests of the Sts’ailes people through the creation, ownership and operation of profitable businesses including socio-economic enterprises. These nurture and strengthen self-reliance.

Working to create an economy within Sts'ailes traditional territory, our focus is equity and reinvestment, loan and technical assistance, as well as job creation. It is through these initiatives that self-reliance will become a reality.

Sts'ailes recently passed a financial and administration law to develop credibility and confidence in the operation of its financial affairs. This law ensures that Sts'ailes will meet the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) requirements. Upon certification, the Band and SDC will be able to use future revenues from accommodation agreements to borrow from capital markets at preferred interest rates. Borrowing capacity will exceed several times the value of the agreements.

Although the SDC is in its development stage, current operations will be sustainable long-term. We are happy to provide this information and look forward to providing guidance for many more profitable businesses in Sts’ailes. Contact us to learn more.