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Brand Usage



Sts’ailes Sasquatch Trademark

Please be advised that as of 2010 the Sasquatch logo copyright and trade-mark are owned by Sts’ailes (formerly Chehalis Indian Band).  As the owner of the trade-mark Sts’ailes has the exclusive right to the use of the Sasquatch Trade-mark in respect of wares or services throughout Canada. Its use is strictly regulated.

Authorization is required to use the Sts’ailes Brand (Logo and Wordmark) on any outside materials and items (i.e. clothing, signs, pens, cups, drums etc.)  

The purpose of having the Sasquatch logo trade-marked was to prevent it from being used by persons outside of Sts’ailes without proper authorization. The Sasquatch logo was designed in the early 1970’s and it is great to see how distinguished and professional the design is. Our people wear the logo proudly, but it has become evident that unauthorized persons or businesses have been selling items with our logo on it.

According to Canadian Trade-mark law once a mark is registered, the owner or licensee of a registration can sue any other user of the mark for trade-mark infringement.

Community members and sports teams can request to have the logo put on apparel or other products. Selling for profit is not permitted otherwise a royalty fee will apply.  If use of the Sasquatch logo is granted the design must be used in accordance to the Sts’ailes Brand Usage Guide.

A Sts’ailes Brand Committee was formed to ensure use of the Sts’ailes Logo and Wordmark is regulated and proper authorization is granted.  Members of the committee include:

· Boyd Peters
·Kandice Charlie 
·Sherylynn Charlie
· Cheryl Charlie 

Forms are available below or can be picked up at the front desk at the Sts’ailes Administration Office.  Completed forms can be emailed to Kandice Charlie or Sherylynn Charlie:



Completed forms can also be handed in at the front desk at the Sts’ailes Administration Office or faxed to 604-796-3946. Please submit attention to Kandice or Sherylynn.


Brand Usage Guide
Logo and Wordmark Release Form
(Business Use Only) Brand Use Business Registration Form