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Past Press Releases

Chehalis Opens Salmon Sports Fishing Trail

On October 5th the Chehalis Indian Band welcomes salmon anglers into their territory as they open up a sport fishing trail on the lower Chehalis River. "This fishing trail was built by our members as part of an agreement between the Chehalis Band and the sport fishing groups to provide angling access to the Chehalis River salmon fishery, while protecting sensitive Band lands.” Said Willie Charlie, Chief and CEO of Chehalis Indian Band. The BC Federation of Driftfishers led the project for local sport fishers. Numerous other project partners include the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Arts, BC Environment, the Fraser Salmon and Watershed’s Program, the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, DFO and The Nature Trust.

The Chehalis Fishing Trail Stars at the Existing Chehalis River campsite then passes through private holdings, the leased properties of the Federal fish hatchery, lands owned by The Nature Trust of BC, and finally Chehalis Indian Reserve. The adjacent DFO Chehalis Hatchery ensures salmon are available for anglers most years, and the trail leads the angler along the rushing Chehalis River and through more than a kilometer of towering cottonwood galleries and wetlands. Much of the area is to be designated as Wilderness area in the future.

This project represents the coming-together of these various land owners in a unique effort to protect local wildlife and cultural values, while providing secure access to one of the few remaining wilderness freshwater salmon angling experiences in the Fraser Valley. The Chehalis River Fishing Trail serves as a guide to the angling public to protect these values.

"We are confident the project will be a template for future collaborations which will greatly benefit both fish stocks and the respective fisheries.” Stated Rod Clapton, President of the BC Federation of Driftfishers.