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Sts’ailes Forestry

Sts’ailes Forest Products LLP

Our forestry operations are located in the Fraser Timber Supply Area.

Timber Profile:
90% saw log
10% pulp log
70% Douglas Fir
85% Hembal
12% Cedar

Total Annual Cut:
38,460 cubic meters (m3)

Sasquatch Forest Products LLP (SFP) manages three forest licenses for Sts’ailes:

  • 20-year, 10-year renewable Woodlot License #89 (Annual Cut: 2,732 m3)
  • 5-year, non-replaceable Forest License A63986* (Annual Cut: 8,000 m3)
  • 5-year, non-replaceable Forest License A80584 (Annual Cut: 27,728 m3)

* This is a license held by Sts’ailes Natural Resources Inc. (SNR), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sts’ailes. Managed by Sts’ailes Development Corporation.