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Tourism Developments

Sasquatch Logo Branding

Sts'ailes' Sasquatch logo is a registered trademark. SDC is interested in developing a branding strategy for existing and new products lines and for our tourism related businesses (i.e. Sasquatch Crossing Eco Lodge, RV Resort). This Includes souvenir items for sale at Chehalis Store & Gas Station, Sts'ailes Lhawathet Lalem and Sasquatch Crossing Eco Lodge. Opportunities to market are being explored.

Sasquatch Crossing Eco Resort.

Our proposed resort would operate in conjunction with Sasquatch Crossing Eco Lodge. Discussions are underway with tourism consultants, provincial and federal funding agencies. The business plan is complete, and identified required studies are currently underway.

Integrated Land Management Branch Land Tenure Exchange

Sts'ailes is negotiating with the province to secure tenure on six parcels of Crown land as part of an accommodation agreement. The agreement will provide economic development, health, and culture development opportunities. Tourism potential exists on the majority of sites including a small resort hotel, campgrounds, and multi-disciplinary culture centre. Business plans will be developed for all of these ventures.

Hemlock Resort Development

A Hemlock Resort Master Plan is complete, with various all-season tourism joint venture opportunities proposed by the developer partnering with Sts’ailes. AR&T and SDC Executive lead the J/V negotiations on behalf of Sts’ailes.